In the current scenario, PCOS is frequently seen in young girls and women of childbearing age. Presence of pimples and hair growth on face is not a very pleasant look for a college going girl. Along with this irregular menses can give lot of stress to parents. With the change in lifestyle, often there is weight gain amongst teenagers. As the weight increase there is increase incidence of hormone imbalance. It is often neglected or left untreated by family physicians but intervention at an early stage could be of great help.

As far as cure of PCOS, yet there is no break through in the science yet. None of the homeopathic or ayurvedic treatment has shown any kind of cure of PCOS. Medicines are the best option for the treatment of PCOS along with lifestyle modifications. If the person overweight or obese, she is advised to shed extra pounds. Good dietary advise along with regular exercise can help in reducing weight. Along with this several anti-androgen therapy including OC pills are recommended to reduce excess hair growth. There is definite reduction in facial hair growth once the testosterone level is reduced to minimum.

In married women, difficulty in conceiving is another challenge. They require ovulation induction therapy and if not successful with that IVF may be needed in such cases.

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