I am diabetic and hypertensive; I have been treated for diabetes for past 11 years. Until I met Dr. Vivek Arya my sugar levels were always high say around 280-360. I felt very lethargic and was not able to concentrate on my work. But after treatment at Dr. Aryas clinic my sugar levels were controlled. I found myself improving and was felling energetic. The advice from friendly staff and video presentation covered all the aspects of diabetes and its care. Dr Arya is easy to talk and explains everything in simple language and is flexible in approach. He is easy to contact on phone and emails.

Mr. Jayantibhai48/m (Type 2 Diabetic patient)

I found that center for endocrine and diabetes disease is a place where I actually started with my new life. I was given proper and required treatment for my diabetes. The center also has a diabetic educator who calmly and friendly explains what exactly diabetes is and explains how one can control its diabetes.

I am thankful to Dr Arya and its team for starting special treatment for diabetes. I would not be where I am today without having gained the understanding and skills required to manage my disease from Dr. Vivek Arya.

Mrs. Ayesha 55/f (Type 2 diabetic female)

Mrs. Fatima came to center for endocrine and diabetes disease with some medical issues. Shewas 92kgwhen we gave the treatment for obesity. She lost 12 kg in 4months and continues to lose weight.

She is happy as she has learnt and follows the basic principle of achieving the ideal body weight. There were some days were she was not able to follow the plans we made for her due to some social obligations but then coped up with it and tried to follow as much as she can.

The counseling provided at the clinic was very helpful .she has changed her lifestyle and balances her work, eating pattern and exercise regime given to her.

Mrs. Fatima vohra 26/f( grade II obesity)

My treatment at Dr. Aryas clinic has changed my life completely. Before visiting the doctor my condition was worst. I was depressed and was not able to work. I could not walk as I had knee pain. I was always tired and always wanted to sleep. I started to lose all my hair and gained lot of weight.

After visiting the doctor, it was a great relief that the pill prescribed have made me feel alive again. I was also counseled for weight loss and to follow the exercise regime. I am successful in losing weight and controlling my hormones. I am feeling energetic and have started leading my life as I had planned to. I appreciate the Dr. and its team work and am very thankful for making my life blissful.

Mrs. Naynaben 33/f (hypothyroidism)